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We recommend that before you wash our dog britches and diapers or our belly bands you use Hydrogen Peroxide on any areas that show stain. Just pour a little directly from the bottle. It cleans up blood stains VERY nicely.  HP is very inexpensive and kills any bacteria that may have been transferred from your dog. If it foams on the fabric it means that it is killing the bacteria. If will not harm your garment. Make sure that they are washed warm and that the Velcro is properly attached to the band otherwise it will “attract”   other garments in the wash cycle. If they are not excessively dirty you can of course wash them by hand. Dawn dishwashing soap works wonders……… also is great to clean anything greasy from around the mouth of your dog.

Some dogs are excessively fastidious – like our Lulu. She will lick the britches to clean them up even when they are on her. So every dog will be different. We have 3 pair of dog panties available all the time because they get damp and we don’t want her to get a rash. So use your judgment when it comes to cleaning.   

Sanitary pads come in many different sizes. The narrow light weight ones we find work the best. If you have a smaller size diaper, you will probably need to cut them down however our britches will fit just about every size pad. We like the light weight POISE pads for most days. A little heavier pad is sometimes necessary at night during the middle of the cycle. Again, try different kinds until you find the one that works best for your pet.

Designer Dog Diapers, Panties and Belly Bands

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