Belly Bands or belly wraps close on the top of the back of your dog and protect from leakage or spraying to mark territory. All of our bands are lined with flannel, fleece, or quilt depending on the type of top cover and close with a triple row or Velcro. At the underside in the center we have added 3 layers of bamboo/cotton antibacterial material. This can be enough for dogs that only occasionally need the band or you can add the same type of POISE pad that is recommended for the dog britches. If you use a pad, add an inch to the measured distance around the waist. Don’t measure this band too tightly. We don’t want to harm your dog’s privates! So give him a little more room. If you wish, we can add his name in beads across the top. There is no extra charge for this personalization. If you put the band in the washer, so you may want to use a gentle cycle as the beads are a bit fragile and sometimes crack.

Designer Dog Diapers, Panties and Belly Bands

Designer dog britches website selling dog belly bands, britches and much more.

Affordable, custom or designer diapers with size ranges to fit and suit your dog!


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