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Walking Bag - William Wegman Beige Crypton

Walking Bag - William Wegman Beige Crypton

Walking Bag - William Wegman Beige Crypton
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The simple outline of a big-eared pup is sketched uniformly over the surface of this fabric to create a surprising rhythm and a highly versatile pattern. It is only upon close inspection that the slightly perplexed dogs emerge. With a master's stroke, William Wegman has captured the essence of all dogs that adorable, irresistible expression that inspires our love for man's best friend. All Bags Include the Same Basic Features Four pockets with Velcro closures Wrist loop for hand carrying Machine washable, line dry Plastic liner to keep odors in 1 Roll of 20 biodegradable pickup bags Approximately 8" x 4" x 6" Carabiner clip included to •attach to your leash •hook on your belt •hang from your stroller Crypton® Eco-Friendly Fabric Adds

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