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Measure your dog as indicated by the arrows.

Our dog britches or dog diapers and dog belly bands come in all sizes. If you wish to order a size not mentioned please contact us and we will make them special order at no extra charge. Many times toy breeds and very large breeds need special waist and tail measurements. Each size also is broken down into two waist measurements so that you can have greater flexibility and a better fit. There is a 3 to 5 inch extendable waist band on each pair of dog britches or dog belly bands so measure your dog right above the back legs as shown in the photo above. If you don’t choose to measure, just indicate the size of belly band or dog diaper that you believe will give you the best fit. The smaller of the waist measurements in each size range ensures that the bands close perfectly together and the ribbons tie properly.

If you wish ANY change or if you have a dog that is a big bigger around the waist than the average below, we will always accommodate special requests. We design and manufacture our britches and belly bands in our own studio so we can accommodate all requests.

We use 3 layers of antibacterial bamboo cotton in our belly bands so if you wish it to be added to your dog panties we can also accommodate this request. There is no extra charge for this added feature. Usually with dog britches a sanitary pad is added so the additional liner is not necessary. However, the smaller breeds sometimes do not need a pad and the liner works exceptionally well.

Each size range has examples of dog breeds listed. This is just a suggestion for you to get an idea of which size to order. Go by the weight and waist measurement if possible. All dog belly band and dog diaper companies have different sizes so ours may not be the same as others you might have purchased. But we do guarantee that ours will fit better than ANY you have ordered in the past from our competitors.

Toy - Very small mini breeds such as the Yorkie or Chihuahua. Make sure you look at fabric choices that will design well for your toy dog. Large dots or patterns do not work well.

A-8 to 10 inch waist; B-10 to 12 inch waist

XSmall - Miniature poodle, Lhasa apso, Jack Russell terrier

A-12 to 16 inch waist
B-16 to 18 inch waist
12 to 19 lbs.

Small - Wheaton, Welsh, and Boston terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle
A-16 to 18 inch waist
B-18 to 20 inch waist
20 to 40 lbs

Medium - Standard poodle, Collie, Boxer, Lab, Retriever, Am Staff
A-20 to 22 inch waist
B-22 to 24 inch waist
40 to 70 lbs

Large - German shepherd, Old English Sheep Dog, Bouvier
A-24 to 26 inch waist
B-26 to 28 inch waist
70 to 90 lbs

XLarge - Newfoundland, Great Dane, Wolf Hound
A-28 to 30 inch waist
B-30 to 32 inch waist
90 to 125 lbs

XXLarge – Contact us for special measurements.

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